Digital Flags

Bring your show ideas to life with digital graphics on your flags. They can be photographic or illustrative. You can find your images on any royalty free high resolution website (like iPhoto or We strongly discourage images that are found via web image searches or may have copywrite or trademark implications.

Flags are printed on high quality poly china materials that are light weight for our activity and proven by the best drum corps and bands in the country and durable to last your competition season. All flags are hemmed and not surged.

We will also help make sure that your designs look their best and don't loose their color definition while being spun, by consulting you to making the best choices!

Here are our standard sizes.

  • 36x54 straight curved with a 4" drop

  • 36x54 straight flag / no drop

  • Other flags are available upon request.

We can provide you with our template and you can do the design set-up to our specifications or we can help you with the design and set-up for a very small fee.

Digital Marching FX

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