We produce high resolution graphics on vinyl with a state of the art printing process that can bring to life your gradient blurs, shadows, and give greater depth and detail than older technology. Many companies simply cannot make the capital investments in the latest technology as it becomes available... That is not the case with us.

  • All of our products can be produced on 7oz, 9oz, 13oz, 16oz, and 18oz vinyl.

  • We suggest 13oz and 16oz vinyl for 99% of our customers.

  • 9oz is a good value for small groups of less than 10 performers on a smaller than 50x70 guard floor.

  • Matte inks provide a "no shine" floor that makes you look great under the lights!

  • Recommendations for clear coating when needed in an extremely affordable way.

Here are some sample floor sizes -

Basic Sizes for Guard:

50x70 - 55x80 - 60x90 - Depending on your groups size or how you stage.

Basic Sizes for Percussion:

40x70 - 45x80 - 50x90 - Depending on your groups size or how you stage. We take 10 feet off the front sideline, so you don't pay to have your pit on top of something you can't see.


We also do custom size floors of any size and shape. All floor prices are determined by their respective pricing per square foot.

Digital Marching FX

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